about us

Montfort Records (formerly Montfort Music) was founded in 2010 by „Felix von Montfort“ with the aim of providing a platform for underground artists and alternative forms of music.
We have kept this target until today and have grown from a small local platform to an international independant music label focused on alternative electronic music.

Our aim is to support underground-artists and talented bedroom-music-producers to give them a stage for their music. We live this partnership from label to artist since the beginning and keep on focusing on new artists and still support our residence musicians.

Our genre spectrum has also grown over the years and with our music we are already represented on over 25 platforms worldwide. We have worked with many artists around the world with different sounds and possibilities.

We live what we are and we do what we love.

Montfort Records means:

-beeing a indipendent label

-releasing alternative music

-supporting springboard artist

We are looking forward for people supporting our project. 

In this sense stay tuned!

Your Montfort Records Team