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Born in 1992 Digital Headroom startet making music by playing the guitar when he was 6 years old.
In his 4 years at the music school he also learnd to play Djembé, Didgeridoo and E-guitar.
He made his first steps in electronic music in the years 2006 - 2007, as a dj an producer under the pseudonym "Psycotix" with Psytrance and Forest, before he switched to Drum & Bass and changed his name to "Terra Zen".
In 2013 he met COD-E and MTJS at a livestream session in a rehearsal room at the Schlauchthaus in Dornbirn.
At this point Montfort Records was just a Computer an 2 Logitech speakers in COD-Es bedroom.
Together with him he took over the rehearsal room, well known in Montfort circels under the legendary name P3.
Here they started to expand the label with supporting local artists, buying new equipment, planing events and of course making music.
In 2014 COD-E and he formed the dj duo "Raw Enforcement" and henceforth they played a mix out of Crossbreed and Hardcore.
In 2016 he changed his name to its current form "Digital Headroom" and started to producing his music genre free and according to his own nature.




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