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Dorabira grew up in the HipHop culture of Austria. Starting with dancing, he was always looking for more elements to process. With graffiti colors streaming through his veins and a heartbeat of 90bpm he come along to the Montfort Delicates DJ collective in 2014. This was his inspirational milestone for electronic music.
Starting mixing Drum&Bass he had a bunch of gigs and radio shows in all known clubs in his area. Looking back in time he startet to collect vinyl records and come along with his second genre Dubstep. 2016 was the very first festival gig in the Czech Republic at the Studnice Drum Open Air.
In 2017 he took the paddle and started working on a re-launch of the music label Montfort Records the founder Felix von Montfort. 2018 he found a non-profit organization to promote alternative music and sound carriers.
With the support of Radio FM4 (La Boum Deluxe/ Dogs Bollocks/ FM4 Unlimited) he was part of some radio shows hosted by Slack Hippie, Heinz Reich and DJ Functionist to introduce his idea of supporting music and do some guest mixes. 2019 was the year of analogue synthesizers.
A live techno project was born, using classic roland and korg equipment. In 2020 the raggea mc project dorarbira was born during a jamsession with his mates. Now he is working on a bunch of stuff, from rap projects to livesets, Mixtapes and releases.


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